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Its not just the programs. Its my ability to do the work and I really don\'t know how to do any of this stuff any one\'s talking about. Im thinking about just giving up on this project. I really only know how to experiment with deckplans and make mods of them. I got in way over my head this time.  :-(  :oops:

Smitty, relax.
Experimenting with deckplans and make modifications is where most of us started (and most of us still do), and trust me I know that feeling of being in over your head. I\'ve had (and still have) that feeling several times when dealing with the Escort-Destroyer - the mistake I made was in trying to compare my work to Void\'s "Rising Dragon". Then it dawned on me, my design is well away from being to that level, and Void has many more years designing deck plans then I do - OK he\'s faster, but as I helped with Dragon I noticed even Void has the human ability to make mistakes (look at some of the mid-ranges pages of the Rising Dragon thread, we found all sorts of little errors).
I\'m not sure what program Void (or others are using), but all of my work is done on MSPaint, no fancy this or that. One other thing I would recommend; don\'t be so gung-ho to work on a canon design, they\'re the hardest ones - go with a design from your own mind, it\'s yours, so nobody can tell you "your wrong".  Lastly, remember work at your speed.

Ok. I see your point.

Well . . . now I\'m going to need a lot of guidance if Im going to continue this project, someone who is willing to take me step by step through this. I\'m not used to working with the Photoshop or anything like that. And a lot of the things involving rescaling this vessel involves math, and I can\'t do math, Im only in Algebra 1-B in school. And that\'s not good. Any guidance will have to be relayed as litteral as possible. Im willing and would like to learn.

Thanks, Phoenix.  :D

Very well said Phoenix.

Bear in mind Smitty that we all have to start somewhere.  The Slave 1 is a difficult ship and because it\'s canon and has a lot of reference material, the proper research must be done before it can be drawn accurately, and that is our purpose here.  But you would never be developing it in a vaccuum.  A great deal of our members, including myself are willing to help if we can to improve your skills.

I principally use MSPaint as well
Void uses Photoshop.

However, if you want to abandon this project, I will understand that.  I may collect images and information on the Firespray for future development.

Remember that we are not a sweat shop here.  We allow people to work at their own pace and to enjoy the process.  We think if you want to learn our methods, that having fun is the best way.

Don\'t be intimidated by what look like complicated images.  remember that they started with a single pixel and that they are often done in layers and sections, so in the end, it is impossible to determine that and the overall image looks far more complicated than it really is.

If I can recommend an easier ship, I would suggest something squarish from the the assault shuttle or something like that which is relatively small, and pretty simple in design.

Thanks. I think I\'ll try to take up the challenge of deckplanning this ship. I should keep me from lazing around the house. And any help to this project is appreciated.  :D

Now . . . Where do we begin, again?  :?


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